A roadmap for schools to support the language(s) of schooling

As a coordinator, you wish to involve the members of your school in a reflection on the role of the language(s) of schooling as a means of ensuring ALL students’ success. The self-assessment tool provided here is adapted to each of the stakeholders who will take part in it (teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents/guardians). You will find a guide in the coordinator’s package to easily use the tool.

Please register and create a new survey for your school. You will then receive a link to the survey you have created. Please share this one with the people (teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents/guardians) you want to participate in the questionnaire.

Once all have submitted their responses, you will receive an overview highlighting your school’s strengths and levers for progress, presented in a user-friendly way with several levels of analysis. Promising practises will also be suggested so as to encourage discussions between all the stakeholders, thereby facilitating the implementation of consensual effective actions.

To create or edit a survey as a coordinator please login or register:

I agree for my data to be used anonymously within the ROADMAP of the ECML.*

I accept to be contacted, if necessary, by the research team. I am aware that even in case of direct contact, my data will still be used anonymously.